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“Faithful I have sought to be in all my ways

Since my conception in fire and in water.

“To be a fount of wisdom and purity of spirit

Far more prized than veins of gold and silver

And to this my soul has aspired.

“Not due to my own pursuits

That man named me the Faithful Elder.

A Higher Oath than mine has fixed

My pleasant boundaries

And the times of my bursting forth into the open

Not of my choosing.

“The countenances of multitudes I have beheld

And have seen them take delight in my greeting.

They throng close to my doorway

Men, women and children

Eager witnesses of my mystery.

“From every corner of the earth, bringing

The languages of ancient lands upon their lips

And their spices upon their garments.

“And what they find takes on a meaning of its own

Within each

Amidst the resplendent pillar.”

Early next morning, Flower of the Steam Basin paid visit to the neighboring geysers...

“Child,” Giantess welcomed her, “Do await word before entering my abode this morning. Why, the most wondrously exhilarating sensation has taken hold of me. I feel as though ready to erupt at any moment.”

Flower of the Steam Basin, having rarely witnessed Giantess’ eruptions, grew excited and began to dance. A few minutes later, the waters of Giantess sent forth small bursts, after which they jetted upwards in magnificent fashion. “Take your refuge with me quickly, Flower of the Steam Basin,” Beehive called to her. “For, two couples approach to behold the soaring vision of loveliness towering far above them.”

For twelve hours did Giantess erupt, and during the first two, Flower of the Steam Basin would re-emerge when safe, and retreat again at the presence of tourists. “Child,” Beehive was aglow, “Do take of my waters a drink of celebration. For, your most timely and loving visit completes what has been a splendid morning.”

And, as Flower of the Steam Basin thanked him and took drink, Beehive continued:

“When Giantess has returned to take repose

I will take my grateful turn

Leaping that much closer to Heaven

In my own exultant dance over her elevated state:

“Far greater and immeasurable

The happiness found within one’s own self

When we behold the joy of others.”

Thus, a child of mysterious origins, adopted and reared from infancy by Old Faithful geyser and Bearer of Song, a mother buffalo, ascends the spiritual ladder one rung at a time through the teachings, stories and proverbial sayings of her elders: in a Yellowstone National Park where the animals, the geysers, the wind and water speak their own languages. Gaining maturity, Flower of the Steam Basin learns the meaning of giving back in good times and perilous.

Taking place against a historic backdrop, from the First U.S. Yellowstone Cavalry to the Park Rangers, the book provides insight into life in the Greater Yellowstone region at the turn of the twentieth century, and depicts the park's flora, fauna and delicate ecological balance in language understandable to readers ages 10 through adult.

Available in hardcover, paperback, Kindle and Nook: